A great post with many of the same thoughts I’ve had on the matter myself.

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Part One: Find Another Word

So I’ve had more than one straight person tell me about how calling something “gay” to denote its unworth is not intended as a slur against LGBT people. It had sort of faded recently, or at least I thought it had due to the efforts of clever and widespread campaigns against it, until I heard a story a couple weeks ago on NPR about GLBT on television, and heard the following line from a recent TV show, delivered by a gay character. “Even I think rollerblades are gay, and I had sex with a dude last night.” (More on that story in part 3)

Really? So the vaunted surge in Gay Presence On Television is simply another way for people to use “that’s so gay” as a slur. Thanks. This simply adds legitimacy to the idea that saying something is “gay” as a negative is…

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