Musings From My Mind OR (to satisfy the writer in me) ‘When I Run Away With Me’

First off, I just want to say I have learned a cardinal rule of blogging from last time – DON’T press a random button when you don’t now what it does and you have no back up of your post! Thanks to Jaxdia who had left the page open, I was able to restore the page, but sorry to anyone who followed a duff link!

Now, things have been busy for me lately as, amongst my other interests, I am the Publicity Officer for my local community theatre, The Belfry. On top of this I have been busy rehearsing for our up-coming pantomime Mother Goose in which I play one of the villains, Typos the Demon.

As a consequence of this, it is taking longer than I wanted to get myself into gear completing the next main entry I wished to post. In lieu of that, I decided I would post one of my frequent musings as it says I will in my tag line. Before starting this blog such musings were largely confined to written form. Not all of them are bi related, but as I grow and develop as an activist, an increasing amount are. I have a purple (naturally) note pad known as ‘My Big Bi Book of Hair-brained Schemes’ which I use to keep track of all the random ideas for articles, projects, fundraising etc; which are just not practical to execute at the time due to inadequate resources.

A particular example I shall give you today is one such notion, a bisexual paint ball team. Yes, you read that correctly.paintballing

Think about it, it would be brilliant! They could perhaps even use exclusively pink, purple and blue paint balls if such a thing is possible, and enter tournaments to raise money for various bisexual causes! Apart from the amusing visual imagery I honestly do feel that there is a serious point to be made here, namely increasing bisexual visibility.

We as activists are always trying to think up new and interesting ways to make the wider world more aware of us and our issues. My point is that I think some times activists who have been so long used to having to conform to other organizational structures, in an effort to be taken seriously by them, become almost institutionalized nd thus petrified of being seen doing anything that might be deemed as too ‘silly” or “unprofessional”. Every now and then, you just have to have the nerve to try something completely new and often that is where you will find people interested in the cause whom have never encountered it before.

Without intending to seem like I am ‘othering’ our movement, by (and I hate to use this term) ‘normalizing’ us. If we crop up as either a paint ball squad, a roller derby team or even a reinactment group, it brings us to the attention of a whole new selection of people who, once they see that we’re (in the words of my Welsh friends) ‘up for a laugh’ just the same as them; may then be more receptive to learning about our issues and why they matter to us.

All of a sudden, we have a brand new wave of fresh allies! Something to think about.

Oh, an lastly, my friend Kay and I actually once were intending to form a bisexual reinactment group, we were going to call it ‘The Knights of the Purple Blade’!

Till next time

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One Response to Musings From My Mind OR (to satisfy the writer in me) ‘When I Run Away With Me’

  1. I still want there to be a football team called the Kinsey Rangers, to report on in BCN. Whether as a real football team or just a “roy of the rovers” / “billy the fish” -esque cartoon strip, I’m easy either way…

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